Vignette representing typography in a gaming convention setting
Final project booklet discussing ideas and development of this new 'type'
Typography at Large//
Stemming from a Gamification study by Yu-kai Chou done in 2013, my type experiment combines a play on the idea of typography both literally and figuratively approaching a language that represents different user types and their tendencies, experiences and thought process when experiencing games. 
Through the development of recognizable iconographic 'type', posters were developed based on these user types and exhibited different and noticeable variations depending on each user's experience through a generic Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). 
The final exercise sought to integrate this typographic idea in three dimensional space, ie - on campus in display at the Computer Science building to exhibit these studies. Alternatively the typography can be developed into an interactive display at a gaming convention to yield real-time results of users playing games in short intervals. Their progress is documented with this coded language, and users can walk-away with a live dissected sample of their play style.
The legend
Sample playthrough of a standard 'Player'
Sample playthrough of a 'Socializer'
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