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Honorable Mention, Non-Architecture Competitions 2019, "REDRAW"
Drawing that represents one or more aspects of OMAs Casa da Musica in Porto
Published in Non-Architecture RE-DRAW.01- CASA DA MÚSICA: https://www.nonarchitecture.eu/product/re-draw-01-casa-da-musica-hard-copy/
Excerpt from publication in RE-DRAW.01- CASA DA MÚSICA:
It is important to understand the subject before really digging into development, especially if the development is around something already in existence. I was fortunate enough to take a studio during my graduate studies that focused on Concert Hall design. A classmate and good friend of mine had done a case study of the Casa da Musica. Taking from that, as well as a breadth of content on this building over the internet, I spent a good amount of time purely studying the building.
Some of the questions I asked myself: What is the programmatic organization of this building? What are the important spaces that I should pay attention to? How do you get from one space to another from the main entrance? As part of my research process, I also start reproducing some of the fundamental drawings including plan, elevation, section, etc. For me, redrawing something literally as it was designed is one of my primary ways of studying. In my study, I start to parse out and answer some of the questions bit by bit.
My goal in the drawing composition was to focus on not more than two main ideas. I selected the basics - context and programming. Within these categories, aspects that stood out to me the most were – 1) The building as an #object in its site 2) Programmatically, a ring of special spaces with unique patterns surround the main concert hall.
Continue reading, along with other wonderful articles in the publication (also available as a PDF):
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