I was commissioned to design and create a mascot for an e-commerce startup founded by graduate students from the Yale School of Management. The mascot was to be representative of the company's light and fun nature but not too cute that customers get the wrong idea about the products available. The mascot design incorporated the character, named 'Kuky', throughout the website including pages like "404 error" and "check out". In addition I also provided special event versions of the mascot for holidays such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, etc. 
Key features of Kuky include his sticker highlights of letters that spell his name, just as stickers are used on packaging. His other main feature is his 'tape hair', which is represented like a piece of tape peeled up from the top of his head.
The company features unique, stylish and kooky items sourced directly from Asian sellers and designers as a way of connecting currently Asia-only products with America. Customers can purchase products directly from China with low shipping costs.
conceptual sketches and iterations for mascot design
Integration of mascot into web design
In addition to the mascot appearing on the website, I was also asked to design character specific business cards for the main personnel of the company. 
The design was simple with subtle graphics and hints, including the tape that spans both the front and back, as well as icons that relate to the specific employee position. On the back there is also a spot for QR code scanning to links or wechat mobile.
early sketch ideas
early card design options
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