Started off drawing while waiting in queue to play games with friends. Ended up refining them as a set afterwards as a side project. City aerial drawings have been an enjoyable past-time of mine, since the days of Metropolis, and am excited I get to continue the fun through fantastical worlds as well!
This is an ongoing series and I will be adding more sketches as new maps come out.
Drawn from scratch with fountain pen ink on white dot grid paper.

Haven, Bhutan

Icebox, Sakha

Bind, Morocco

Split, Tokyo

Ascent, Venice

The Range, Venice

Because I sketched them initially in my sketchbook over the centre crease, I ended up with a broken up image. However, as with my previous aerial drawings, I like the aesthetic of a split image (no pun intended). Here is the Split map framed, just for fun.
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